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Reach your 2017 goals in 4 easy steps

Quick Steps to reaching your 2017 goals

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Goal planning and visioning is essential to your success in 2017. Every year businesses small and large strategically plan for the upcoming year to meet and exceed their goals. Just like a business, it is important that you game-plan to meet your goals for the upcoming year. Without an end result in mind, it is difficult to design a map to get to your destination and you end up floating around aimlessly. 2017 is here. Let’s work! 

Here are four quick but effective tips to help you turn your goals, visions, and dreams into reality.

Brain dump but don’t commit 

Set aside 5-7 days to begin the goal setting process. Whenever a goal comes to mind get it down in your notes or put it into your mobile device if you’re on the go. Just be sure to write it out. This could be anything from “setting a weekly sales goal for a product that you are selling” to “learning to speak a new language” or reading three new books a month. Don’t commit to anything yet, and don’t judge what came to mind. The important thing is to get it written down. 

Comb through your notes and edit

Go back and look at the list of goals you compiled to see which ideas or tasks you really want to accomplish. Do this until only the goals you have a desire to throw all your energy into are left. Part of this process will be determining which goals really suit you, are realistic, and something that isn’t being influenced by an outside factor. 

Create categories 

Take your goals and divide them up into categories. These categories could be business or work, relationships, travel, health, finances and so on. Creating categories will give you a better visual of how some things align with another and how they could work together. 

Vision board

The old-fashioned way of cutting up and pasting magazine clippings is still a good option. There are ways to do it online but physically going through the process adds a touch and feel component that heightens your senses. Gather words and images that resonate with your goals and keep the completed board somewhere that you will see it every day. As the year progresses, you will be amazed at how many things on your vision board come to life. 

2017 is almost here and these four steps will help you move forward in a positive manner to reach your goals. This is a process that may seem like a difficult task at first, but take it one step at a time. Every couple of weeks come back to your goals, categories, and vision board to stay focused on what you have there. Make actionable plans to reach your goals and 2017 will be your year for success.