Sherman Kizart shares what it’ll take for the younger generation to be CEOs

Sherman K. Kizart is the founder and managing director of Kizart Media Partners Inc. Kizart acquired his expert knowledge from over 20 years of experience as a marketing specialist. He is also one of the leading advocates and authorities in the U.S. on urban radio and multicultural media strategies and tactics.

The top 5 resolutions people make for the new year

New Year’s is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to accomplish new goals. Whether it’s on a vision board or a post-it note, writing goals in advance is a good way to continue to grow each year. It’s no surprise, but people usually have New Years’ resolutions that are common throughout the world. Here are […]

CEO Christianna Hurt helps people become 6-figure earners with digital platform

Christianna Hurt is the CEO of WealthyCollegeKid, a digital education platform that teaches people how to make a passive income online through a variety of courses. The 25-year-old, who is currently a student at the University of Central Florida, started her brand in 2016 after being fired. Since then her grit has helped her to […]

Leadership consultant Anwar Aiken shares 4 essential skills for future leaders

Anwar Aiken is an accomplished military officer, a transportation professional with over 12 years of management experience, and an executive director with The John Maxwell Team.  He has been licensed and trained by Maxwell and his team to deliver nothing short of world-class content from the top expert on leadership, Dr. John C. Maxwell.  As […]

Why you should make a vision board

With the new year days away, it’s a great time to look into ways that the new year can bring you closer to your goals and dreams. That’s where a vision board comes in. A visual representation of your inspiration and goals can do a lot to help actualize your dreams. What a vision board […]

Reach your 2017 goals in 4 easy steps

Quick Steps to reaching your 2017 goals

Goal planning and visioning is essential to your success in 2017. Every year businesses small and large strategically plan for the upcoming year to meet and exceed their goals. Just like a business, it is important that you game-plan to meet your goals for the upcoming year. Without an end result in mind, it is […]

7 keys to getting your stuff together this week

Seven keys to getting your stuff together this week – stay focused on your goals, stop making excuses, check yourself, remove the unessential and distractions, stop and breath, commit to quiet time to dream, and tell yourself – “I can do this!!” [jwplatform RDGjBmvF]

Rome Madison on why you’re not getting what you want from goal-setting

There are literally hundreds of books about goal-setting. I would even bet you’ve heard at least one speech about the importance of goal-setting, but has it made a difference in your life? It’s common to set goals or resolutions at the beginning of the year because it represents a fresh start or a new beginning, […]

Best motivational #hater quotes on Instagram

Haters; what is a hater actually? Some would say it is someone who doesn’t want to see you succeed or better yet, someone who shows anger towards everyone reaching success. Instagram has the hashtag #haters and as you scroll through, you see a lot of motivation that reminds us all why we have them and why […]

Find Your Vision With an Inspiration Board

What is an inspiration board, you ask? It’s the perfect place to physically house your ideas, aspirations, long- and short-term goals, vacation destinations, etc., when your brain may be on creativity overload or drought. An inspiration board can be created on anything from a poster to a cork board. It’s whatever you want it to […]