Versace accused of using secret ‘code’ to profile Black customers


In a recent report from TMZ, Italian luxury fashion company Versace has a racist protocol to alert employees when African-Americans enter their retail locations. According to a reliable source who is a former employee of the brand, the accusations are 100% accurate.

The man once worked in the Bay Area store. In a lawsuit, he claims the store manager informed him about a classified code called “D410,” which is used to notify co-workers that a Black person is shopping in the store.

The ex-employee said the workers casually say aloud, “We got a D410 in menswear.” He also adds, “BTW … that’s the code for all black shirts in Versace stores,” according to the suit.

He also believed the manager was unaware of his race at the time of the incident. He later responded to his former manager with, “You know that I’m African-American?” In the suit, he added he was canned because he hadn’t “lived the luxury life,” which was allegedly told to him by his manager.

The employee also told the media outlet that he felt extremely disrespected and was utterly shocked. He also mentioned the company belittled his fashion sense, refused to give him rest breaks and fired him after two weeks with no initial notice. Currently, he is suing the company for unpaid wages and damages.

Versace denied the allegations, and has filed for an appeal to dismiss the suit.

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