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Black men give 5 reasons #blackgirlmagic is consistent with #blackgirlsingle

Photo credit: Gorbash Varvara /

Photo credit: Gorbash Varvara /

Without question, today’s Black women are leaders and entrepreneurs. So many have booming businesses, have risen to the top of the corporate ladder, are heads of their industries, and are impacting culture. While we are destroying stereotypes on the career front, many of us are having a difficult time achieving the same type of success in relationships. Is it possible for today’s Black career woman to have it all?

I asked several men in an online singles group for feedback on why so many career women are single and their answers may surprise you. Below, find the top five reasons.

5. Career women approach dating like they approach their job. “I love the way some of them are goal-oriented in the workplace, but a relationship consists of two people working together, not one person mapping out a track for the relationship. You can’t control or dictate another person’s actions or feelings.” –Carl, 35, software engineer

4. They act like they don’t need a man. “Men need to feel needed and a lot of times career women have an air about them that suggests they have everything handled on their own. It makes a man feel like there is nowhere he fits in their world.” –Greg, 44, DJ

3. They have no time for a relationship. “In my experience, career women care more about their job and even friends [and] family than their man. I don’t want to have to constantly compete with your laptop, cell phone, iPad etc. for your time. I understand we all work but if work is that big of a priority you may not have time for a relationship.” –Trevor, 28, teacher

2. They brag about their accomplishments. “With some accomplished women I’ve met, it ends up being a competition that I didn’t sign up for. I don’t want to spend a date listening to how much property you own or the luxury cars you’ve purchased. I think some women think that will impress a man, and it may impress some but it doesn’t impress me. I don’t think it impresses many of us.” –Ronald, 41, security

1. Their standards are unrealistic. “These women are waiting on a man that makes more money than them, is six feet tall, educated, cultured, well-travelled and has street credibility. It’s not gonna happen. They are going to end up alone waiting on perfection when the truth is no one is perfect.” –Dave, 48, sheriff


  1. joebmore on January 23, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    Ridiculous article.

  2. Southern Hospitality on February 26, 2017 at 2:19 pm

    These dudes are pathetic. (Side eye to the woman who posted this?) most of these dudes are washed up, over 40, probably screwed their way through their 20’s, got multiple kids out of wedlock, and probably mad at their baby mama for getting child support. What happened to all these 13-1 ratios they keep throwing at Black women? I thought they had the advantage and pick of the litter, but they are so upset at these educated Black women whose standards they obviously couldn’t meet? ? They could have had a good woman, but they were too busy looking for Beyoncé, and the latest video models being unrealistic with THEIR expectations. They want Black women to settle for their mediocrity and are just upset that they didn’t make the cut. The entitlement of these dudes is astounding.

    • Weeks on February 28, 2017 at 12:37 pm

      Tell us how you really feel lol.