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Trump uses Black History Month to present his Black team to the community

Lynne Patton (Photo Credit: Twitter/ @LynnePatton)

Lynne Patton (Photo credit: Twitter –@LynnePatton)

“Lynne Patton. Hi, Mr. president. Yes, I am, as you know, the former vice president of the wonderful charity that your son founded — Trump Foundation. I’ve been with your family for about eight years now, right, Jared? And I was an RNC speaker and I will be landing with Dr. Carson at HUD as one of his senior advisers.”

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1 Comment

  1. britishrose on February 6, 2017 at 9:31 am

    SOUND LIKE A BUNCH OF BLACK REPUBLICAN UNDERCOVERS WHO. LOOK AND ACT MORE LIKE REALITY CAST ON APPRENTIC laugh trump need black friends cause that is all he is doing grandstanding his inabilitie to relate to blacks who are disconnected from black society HOW COME OBAMA DIDNT NEED A BLACK GROUP? thats not what blacks need were all not poor WE NEED A STOP TO COP KILLING .. A STOP TO JOB DENIAL BASED ON RACE ……AND WE NEED TRUMP TO STOP PLAYING THE TRUMP CARD . with blacks