Donald Trump and Republicans mocked after failure to repeal Obamacare


President Donald Trump and his Republican cohorts failed to eliminate Obamacare. For the past seven years, the Republicans have attempted to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act that was implemented by President Obama in 2010. With Trump as president and the Republicans controlling the House and Senate, it appeared that they would have a chance to destroy one of Obama’s legendary bills.

However, the Republicans, led by House Speaker Paul Ryan, introduced a healthcare bill that would have left over 14 million people uninsured and raised premiums tremendously. Known as the American Health Care Act and Trumpcare, the bill would have hurt the middle-class and poor while increasing benefits for the wealthy.

On March 24, Republicans were forced to pull the bill after it became evident that they would not receive enough votes. The decision was another major blow for Trump who issued an ultimatum to Republicans one day prior.

Because the bill failed to pass, millions will keep their health insurance as Obamacare prevails again.

Following the decision, Donald Trump and Republicans were mocked for their failures.

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