When Pastor John Gray discovered he didn’t have to be perfect for God’s love

“Super Soul Sunday” with Pastor John Gray airs this Sunday, April 16 at 11 a.m. EST on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Oprah Winfrey sits down with Pastor John Gray, the first African American associate pastor at Joel Osteen’s Houston megachurch Lakewood, to discuss his belief that every person was created on purpose and with a purpose. John’s unique style of preaching has drawn thousands to hear his sermons, increasing his weekly service attendance from 2,500 to 10,000 people since 2013. In this conversation, Oprah and John discuss the faith that carried him through his darkest hours, his call to the ministry, and what he believes is the true, universal purpose of joy.

Yvette Caslin
Yvette Caslin

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