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La La and Carmelo Anthony working out custody agreement

Photo Credit: Instagram - @lala

Photo credit: Instagram – @lala

It came as sad and disappointing news earlier this week when sources revealed that Carmelo Anthony and La La Anthony are on the verge of divorce following rumors that Anthony cheated on his wife with another woman. Although infidelity and divorce usually result in major custody battles between celebrity parents, reportedly Anthony and La La are being civil as they come up with a custody agreement for their son, Kiyan.

As previously reported, it was announced earlier this week that the couple has officially separated and that La La has moved out of their family home and taken their 10-year-old son with her. Shortly after news of the split hit the web, more stories surfaced alleging that Anthony was cheating with a New York stripper and that she’s pregnant.

Although the stripper story hasn’t been confirmed, rumors like that are enough to push any couple into a state of war about their split. But according to the latest reports, La La and Anthony are working hard to make sure their son’s life isn’t torn apart by their split and they’ve now worked out a temporary custody agreement.

Sources say that La La and Anthony have agreed that Kiyan will stay with his mother in New York but his NBA star dad absolutely will continue to have open communication with their son and he can spend as much time with Kiyan as he wants.

Sources say that the former couple believes they can work out the details of their split without going through a nasty court battle. However, they will have their lawyers work out the legal details of their split.

The sources also say that La La definitely has issues with Anthony and the way their marriage is ending. However, despite how she personally feels about him, she never questions how seriously Anthony takes his role as a father to their son and she thinks he’s a good dad.

And although neither Anthony nor La La has filed divorce papers yet, sources say that the couple’s marriage really is over and that it’s only a matter of time before they announce their divorce.

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  1. nosey rosy on April 22, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    WE HAVE TO LIVE WITH REALITY . men cheat , all of them at some point will and have . what a woman needs to do is pull it together and consider the kids . lala is such a nice girl carmello is just young he been balling through his teens , and he need change .. im surprise they lasted this long . she spend a lot of time without him and with her son . she could of cheated too . but men are more likely . why dont men understand cheating for women is the DEAL BREAKER!!! .
    it was for me , i know how she feel , things will never be the same . a man penis we feel is ours like our body is his.. its a temple .. you violate moral love codes when you cheat .
    trust is ripped into with no chance to repair some women go back to him but most dont if jayz cheated on beyonce she will be gone . she just never had proof solid .
    i wish lala all the luck i advice her to pick her heart up and reserve it for mr right she still real pretty and sexy and someonelse will value her enough to not dip and dive on her .

    • Mason Youngblood on April 25, 2017 at 12:32 pm

      ..and if a man is faithful throughout the relationship and never give her a reason to suspect him of being a cheat, she will ALWAYS find some way, some lame excuse to accuse him of cheating. Trust me, that’s one train that’s never late.