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Culture » Teejay Mixon shares the joy of raising a talented son

Teejay Mixon shares the joy of raising a talented son

Photo courtesy of Teejay Mixson

There is nothing like watching your children grow into the people they will become. The privilege of sharing life lessons and experience with them helps to mold men and women who will add value to our society.

Fathers represent stability and strength. These traits watered with love create greatness. Today we honor all fathers everywhere who have answered the call to be a rock and a nurturer in the lives of their children.

We spoke to with Teejay Mixson, an entertainer from Chicago who currently manages and promotes his talented son, Papa Jay, about fatherhood and his best memory of being a father.

What does it mean to you to be a father?

Being a father means everything to me. Before my son was born my life was full of touring, different women every night, the gilts and glam but no happiness. I have never been this happy since my son was born. He’s my greatest gift. We are both in the entertainment biz together so to be able to go back out on a 20 country tour overseas this summer with my son and to have our own reality tv show about a father and son chasing hip hop, this time around means the world to me.

What advice would you give your younger self as a dad?

The advice would be to listen more. Sometimes we just come off as the teacher. It’s ok for us to be the student sometimes.

What is your best memory of being a dad so far?

My best memory is when my son was born. He came out crying, I stuck my finger out and he heard my voice then grabbed my finger and stopped crying.

Talk about the challenges of being a Black father.

Black fathers don’t get any respect. In our culture, it’s sad when I hear people surprised that I’m in my son’s life.

What words do you have for your child?

Before there was man there was God. Keep him first and life will be the greatest gift you receive.