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Writer McKenzie Lawson gushes over song placement ‘Circles’ with Tamar Braxton

Writer McKenzie Lawson gushes over song placement 'Circles' with Tamar Braxton

Songwriter McKenzie Lawson has been working very hard long before she joined Marquis Management ran by Antonio Reid Jr. Lawson sat down with rolling out to talk about how she turned her passion into cash by wholeheartedly putting all her efforts into songwriting on a daily basis (in a bathroom like closet studio ) writing for an entire summer. If you think Lawson looks familiar, it’s because recently she wrapped production on Lifetime TV’s spin off “The Pop Game” from producer Jermaine Dupri’s “The Rap Game.”

Lawson spent most of the first season seated side by side with industry mogul Timberland as a songwriter for the young talent in competition on the show. As she observed the talent, her job was to write songs they would later present in the competition. When asked how this experience was, Lawson replied, “Writing for 15 and 16 year olds was very challenging because I had to put myself in their position and ask myself what are 15 year olds going through these days. The song “Dance” I came up with for one of the contestants from Atlanta, Georgia, was playful and wasn’t too provocative. I had to keep thinking ‘How would a 15  or 16-year-old express the way they feel about this or that?’ It was definitely a challenge for me. But what I did was put myself in their position. If I was sitting in front of Timberland and the other judges, what would I say to them?”

One of her first song placements was “Circles” on Tamar Braxton‘s third album Calling All Lovers. It’s definitely a breakup song. Lawson explains, “I wrote it for me about some stuff I needed to get off my chest because I didn’t know [Braxton] or anything about her. I’m a very emotional writer, so there is plenty of emotions in my music. Tamar loved the song and I heard her talk about it in a few interviews and she slayed the song, as well by the way. But I haven’t written songs specifically targeted at other people. I haven’t’ written that way as to observe other people’s lives and try to interpret what they are trying to say. I would love to do this though in the future.”

This bubbly songwriter and singer definitely figured out how to turn her passion into profit and credited a lot of her major accomplishments to having a team, a regular and steady studio to work out of and when she started working and writing for Epic Studios as Studio 12 after joining Marquis Management. Through meeting people constantly and working hard, the opportunities started to come. The Albany, Georgia native says she just wants people to respect her hustle and realize all the hard work she’s put into her music career, so far.

Check out the video, Part I, after the break.

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