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Plastic surgeon to the stars Dr. Myla gives No. 1 reason your Black may crack

Dr. Myla Bennett (Photo provided by Epimedia)

Dr. Myla Bennett has quickly become one of Atlanta’s premier plastic surgeons although her spa has only been here for one year. After appearing on RHOA and Braxton Family Values, Dr. Myla’s patient list has included some of our favorite stars as well as Atlanta’s elite. Instead of relying on trends, Bennett insists on helping her clients find their natural beauty. “Most people don’t realize the things they want [to be] done to their face can be handled with a better skin care regimen. I don’t like doing too much to the face, it’s hard to look natural. Botox is great but we all know it freezes parts of your face. Nothing about a frozen face looks youthful.”

Dr. Myla lists the number one thing women can do to preserve their skin is wearing sunscreen. She quickly debunked the myth that Blacks don’t need to protect their skin from the sun. “Although our skin has melanin we are still affected by the sun. That’s why many African Americans as they age have dark spots. It is absolutely necessary to wear sunscreen,” Dr. Myla insists.

Listen to Dr. Myla and Towanda Braxton discuss why the fat transfer trend is dangerous on the next page.

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