Colin Kaepernick, left, and J. Cole (Photo: [email protected])

Film director Spike Lee is ready to scale the walls of the NFL on behalf the the league’s most maligned and vilified quarterback. He announced Tuesday that he will hold a rally in support of free-agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick at NFL headquarters in New York City on Aug. 23.

The Do the Right Thing filmmaker tweeted the following details regarding the event:

Kaepernick remains unsigned, including being rebuffed by the Miami Dolphins who instead signed the less talented Jay Cutler out of retirement. This was seen as a gesture by the owner that he was repulsed by Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the national anthem in protest of racial inequality and police brutality last season — and it has also contributed to his inability to catch on with a team.

Interest in Kaepernick since the end of the 2016 season has been tepid thus far.

The Seattle Seahawks brought him in for a visit before opting not to sign him, while the Baltimore Ravens recently pondered with the prospect of bringing him on the team before passing on the opportunity.

ESPN’s Dianna Russini reported that Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti has been resistant to the idea of signing Kaepernick, but Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome shot down that report in a statement, according to the Baltimore Sun.

On Sunday, Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin said he reversed his belief about Kaepernick, that he thinks NFL owners are attempting to send a message by not signing Kaepernick, according to’s Sheil Kapadia:

“My original position was I thought that the situation last year with him taking a knee didn’t have anything to do with it. After viewing what’s going on, I’ve got to take that back. I definitely think that the league, the owners are trying to send a message of, ‘Stay in between the lines.’ It’s frustrating because you want to have guys who are willing to speak out about things that they believe in, whether you agree with it or not. But I think that’s definitely playing a role now more so than I thought it was going to.”

Kaepernick, 29, went just 1-10 as a starter for the San Francisco 49ers last season, belying his strong statistical production. He threw for 2,241 yards, 16 touchdowns, and four interceptions while rushing for 468 yards and two more touchdowns.

Kaepernick also has six career playoff starts to his credit, including a Super Bowl appearance.

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  • britishrose

    racism has always been about sensoring voice , whites in power will do anything to silence the hero, cause without the hero we as blacks is nothing we have no voice , and we may as well climb under a rock on human rights , and we will not , there will be more colin kilpatricks born, in the next century , and where they are tryihng to starve him silence , people powerful like spike lee will make a hugh difference if the fans are not comeing to them games , they azzes will have to comply with righteousness. really!! this man colin is mixed race and whites are jealous cause , just like obama he represents the twisted belief whites have . obama got an ounce of respect cause he is mixed . and colin gets non cause they are still madd at obama . racism is a system of hate , broken down by generations of angry old whties who dont realize this earth will still stand when they aszzes are buried , and children will be born and raise differently then 1922 thru 77 ok? racism will be killed , and we have the nerve to complain about middle eastern hate for america? really ? americans have hate for each other that needs attention first before we accuse other countries of hating us .. were laughted at among countries cause they know we dont even know how to stop this horrible cycle of hate in our own country.. let alone worry bout china hating us?

  • mrhowell2002

    uhhh… heres my thing!! if the nfl is a racist organization why would kap WANT to play for them…. its like saying they are sooo racist I HATE the nfl but can I please have a job back….if that’s the case you should have never got on one knee…ijs

    • Jason

      Kai never said the NFL was racist, so I am not sure if you are sincere or just trying to create a new narrative. Kap has always been very clear about why he has protested. It was NEVER about disrespecting the military, and he stated this. Still people do their best to spin his actions because they are too guilt-ridden, hateful, or scared. Guess where the majority of the negroes too weak to turn off the NFL game fall in the list above.