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Oprah and friends set sail this summer aboard MS Eurodam (photos)

Holland America Line and O, The Oprah Magazine Share the Adventure Cruise set sail from Seattle to Alaska on July 15, 2017, bringing together some of the world’s foremost visionaries for a week of O-mazing talks and activities aboard ms Eurodam.

Throughout the week, guests took part in morning meditation with yoga instructor Sara Ivanhoe and explored eating well with Impatient Foodie founder Elettra Wiedemann. O, The Oprah Magazine editor in chief Lucy Kaylin and editor at large Gayle King shared a peek behind the scenes of the award-winning magazine, explaining how they bring the pages to life. Kaylin and books editor Leigh Haber each led conversations with Pulitzer Prize-winner and New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Strout for the first-ever O’s Reading Room, and creative director Adam Glassman shared fashion trends and practical styling tips on how to dress your best.

Three SuperSoul 100 members brought an incredible energy on board with their motivating and memorable stories. Guests journeyed into the worlds of fitness evangelist and motivational coach Angela Davis; best-selling author and founder Glennon Doyle; and singer, songwriter and storyteller India.Arie.

Here’s what you missed:

SuperSoul 100 Member Angela Davis: Fitness evangelist Davis had guests on their feet and moving to her empowering words during a spiritually enriching performance. The SuperSoul 100 member made emotional connections while promoting change from within with inspiring mantras including “Stop cheating your future with your past” and “What’s in front of you is greater than what’s behind you.”

SuperSoul 100 Member India.Arie: Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and self-proclaimed soulbird India.Arie took to The Mainstage for her SongVersation performance that intertwined the power of words with the power of song. Her mantra, “Break down, break through, break the shell, elevate and fly,” resonated through her music as she shared stories of her path in life and moved guests to find peace in their daily lives.

SuperSoul 100 Member Glennon Doyle: Love Warrior Doyle took guests on an enlightening journey through her life that led from addiction to recovery and how she became a voice for universal truth. With her belief that we’re all here for one reason, and that is to love and be loved, Doyle expressed profound sentiments including, “We do not get evicted from a life unless there is a truer life that we’re supposed to walk into.”

Just Breathe! with Sara Ivanhoe: Early each morning, Ivanhoe led more than 200 guests on a path of yoga and meditation around the Lido Pool. Her daily intentions encouraged guests to become present with themselves and those around them.

The July 15 cruise was the first of several special cruises with Holland America Line and O, The Oprah Magazine. Four additional Adventure of Your Life cruises with SuperSoul 100 Members will set sail as follows:

• November 29, 2017 – 11-Day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale on ms Koningsdam.
• March 3, 2018 – 7-Day Tropical Caribbean roundtrip from Fort Lauderdale on ms Nieuw Amsterdam.
• August 11, 2018 – 7-Day Alaska roundtrip from Seattle on ms Eurodam.
• October 28, 2018 – 7-Day Eastern Caribbean roundtrip Fort Lauderdale on ms Nieuw Amsterdam.

In addition, more than 300 Holland America Line cruises sailing from North America from August 2017 through 2018 will offer a variety of engaging activities developed with the magazine’s editors and designed to nourish body and soul.



  1. britishrose on August 16, 2017 at 6:22 pm

    oprah getting a little old in the face , gale always look real funny, she cant seem to get her hair and makeup right blacks dont get plastic surguery normally gail just letting it all go oprah too .. its nice of oprah to do this but the money could be use better right her

  2. britishrose on August 16, 2017 at 6:39 pm

    oprah will go down in history as the woman who dissed her own moma, if you really are intouch with god you forgive , it took her 40 years to just forgive this woman all her moma did was left her with her grandma, she was rapped at her grandma house not with her moma . vernon winfrey was not even the girls father now why was he allowed to be guardian over her ? to me that was one of the issues , oprah grew to love him out of necessity , vernon wanted a child cause he had no kids , so he took oprah on not really ever adopting her adoption was costly in those days . oprah hate for her moma and father was they both didnt quit understand the distance between them and her . her daddy dam near dissappeared thats why she aint dealing with him i think he died also .. vernon is a good person but , what if he molested oprah? and no one knows what if that baby was vernons and that is the secret oprah kepts/?? no cousin was ever named her dead sister is the one said a family member rapped oprah she didnt say who that was ,

  3. britishrose on August 16, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    im from an abusive home where a cousin molested me as a child , i understand oprah delima she was young you keep secrets when you have child hood abuse .. i did it for years til i realize it was hurting me not talking aobut the skeletons .

  4. britishrose on October 19, 2017 at 9:13 am

    so where is patricia her real sister? or was that a hoax you noitice oprah dont invite patricia anywhere? she still dont acknowledge that woman after all patricia went through to find her. . sh till dont take her elderly moma on trips holding childhood grudges and that is worth more then anymoney she has , i really dont celebrate or respect people who turn on family like that , as much money as she has , she seem bored with that money and opt to be some spiritual guru, that has no real spirit, to me money cant buy friends or spiritual foundation , she better hope she deal with her issues before she pass away . cause those same people she shun can protest her will like , prince family did, its clear that just cause you dont share your riches with people thats ok , but to not give your heart? thats heart breaking to me truely heart breaking . and i cant see her passing away just yet. but again she aint jesus she just got money to pay for doctors who will give her the truth about what she should eat . most of us cant afford the truth about food