Kevin Durant refuses to go to White House if Warriors are invited

Kevin Durant. (Photo Credit:[email protected])

Newly crowned NBA champion Kevin Durant said this about going to the White House if the Warriors team is invited:

“Nah, I won’t do it,” Durant said to ESPN on Thursday. “I don’t respect who’s in office right now.”

Durant, who was named Finals MVP as his Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship in June, is part of arguably the most socially conscious sports team in the U.S. Both his teammate Stephen Curry and head coach Steve Kerr have spoken passionately and often about their dislike for President Donald Trump and his policies.

Durant divulged his feelings before the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend in which white supremacists clashed with protesters over a Robert E. Lee monument which ultimately led to the death of one of the protesters, Heather Heyer, who was killed by a car allegedly driven by James Alex Fields Jr.

And it was also before Trump battled with reporters that “many sides” were to blame for what happened in Virginia. The comments caused a firestorm; still, Trump has not backed down or apologized.

Durant said Trump has deliberately legitimized White supremacists.

“He’s definitely driving it,” Durant told ESPN. “I feel ever since he’s got into office, or since he ran for the presidency, our country has been so divided, and it’s not a coincidence. When [Barack] Obama was in office, things were looking up. We had so much hope in our communities where I come from because we had a Black president, and that was a first.

“So to see that and to be where we are now, it just felt like we took a turn for the worse, man. It all comes from who is in the administration.”

The Warriors, who have not been officially invited to the White House, will be in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 28 to play the Wizards.


Terry Shropshire
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  1. Regretfully the Golden State Warriors are now political.
    Historically sports were a unifying American characteristic transcending
    opinionated divisions. The Warriors honorably visited President Obama but now reject
    a visit with President Trump in similar respectful manner. Obama was a regular
    congregant in the church of Jeremiah Wright where this country was profaned robustly
    by Rev. Wright using the Lord’s holy name on the altar of his church. Georgetown
    University Christian crosses and religious symbols were covered in the backdrop
    before a presidential speech at GU and the president remained hesitant to wear
    the American flag symbol on his jacket label for extended time. Yet, he was my
    president and I continued to respect my country, flag and the office of the
    president despite purposeful disparagements that offended me.

    Yes Trump is profane and his manner disrespectful to some. Yet,
    he is not hesitant to proudly utter “God Bless America” in the public forum while
    unabashedly acknowledging ‘American Exceptionalism’.

    The Warriors yearned to play politics rather than
    basketball, in my view, the GSW has squandered an opportunity to not only
    sustain respect for the office of the President, but have concurrently
    disrespected the 60 million voters that felt otherwise, some are Warrior fans.
    The Warriors are no longer just a team at the pinnacle of basketball
    excellence, but a disheartening instrument promoting disunity in America.

    Presidents come and go, FDR fought Hitler and Reagan overcame
    the USSR. In all that perhaps Trump will be the one to overcome North Korea and
    Iran each of which strongly desire to annihilate America; only time will discern
    his success or failure.

    Can the GSW remain above the political brawl and instead be
    another shining star added to the constellation of American Exceptionalism by
    going to the White House to honor America despite adverse feelings for Trump?
    Sixty million Americans hope so.

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