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Designer dimples: Would you consider adding dimples to your smile?

Designer dimples: Would you consider adding dimples to your smile?
Tangie Larkin (Photo credit: @tangiereneeradio)

Tangie Larkin is an Atlanta radio personality who is known for her warm smile and engaging personality. While Larkin often received compliments on her smile, she admits favoring her younger sister’s dimpled smile as it was passed down from their grandmother. After connecting with premier plastic surgeon Dr. Curves on some promotional work, Larkin learned she could have the same memorable smile as her little sister.

Larkin signed up for the outpatient procedure and within 24 hours, she had the dimpled smile that she always wanted. Larkin’s pictures received mixed reviews on social media, but Dr. Curves says this reaction is completely normal. As one of the surgeons who introduced the now wildly popular fat transfer procedure, this isn’t the first time Dr. Curves has seen a dramatic response to a new procedure. While dimpleplasty is relatively new to the States, Dr. Curves says the procedure is commonplace in Asia. “We have people who still don’t believe the fat transfer surgery is real,” he explains. “People always talk, especially those who don’t understand the procedure or don’t believe people should augment their bodies.” Still, Dr. Curves believes despite the negative feedback, there are people who are intrigued and interested in getting the work done themselves.

Larkin was surprised at the reaction she received on social media after posting her pre and post procedure pictures. “No one has a right to tell someone what they can or can’t do to enhance their own beauty. I believe we all have the right to create our own definition of beauty. Whether you decide to enhance your individual beauty with makeup, a weave, surgery or even just getting your fingernails done, it’s all enhancement and it’s all personal choice.”

Dr. Curves says there are little to no risks associated with the procedure and unlike some cosmetic procedures, there are no good or bad candidates. If you feel your smile would be enhanced with dimples you can visit and inquire about their monthly “dimple day.” The next “dimple day” is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 8, 2017.

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