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Leon Robinson talks raising his daughter and what looks good on a woman

Leon Robinson talks raising his daughter and what looks good on a woman
Leon Robinson and daughter Noelle attend the 2016 BET Awards at Microsoft Theater on June 26, 2016, in Los Angeles. (Credit: BET)

Actor Leon Robinson will steal your eyes. Captivating and cool, he’s still the same sex symbol he was when he played David Ruffin in the 1998 NBC miniseries “The Temptations” and JT in the 20th Century Fox movie, The Five Heartbeats. Twenty years later, he’s still working in Hollywood and he’s even making waves in Atlanta, the Hollywood of the South. He’s hosting Heart & Soul’s free Your Passport to Wellness Expo on Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017, at Atlanta Metropolitan State College.

Here, the actor discusses his daughter, rising model Noelle, his R&B singing group and what he finds sexy in a woman.

What inspired you to want to host the health conference for Heart & Soul in Atlanta?
Being a man that was the only male in my generation, I was always surrounded by women. I learned to love women before I ever wanted to be with them sexually. They were my sisters, cousins and friends. Whenever I can use my brand to encourage and help women become more aware and healthier, I’m all in. This health conference is designed to educate and empower women, the same women that have help and empowered me as a man and a father. It seems like a perfect fit.

Why should people attend the conference?
The African American community, especially women because they are our mothers and foundations to our families need more information about health to improve their quality of life. This conference is free.They should come hear the speakers, get tested and gain knowledge that will enhance their li lives and the lives of their families. Quality of life is important. Let’s prevent early deaths and illnesses. So, I hope to see you on Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017, at the Atlanta Metropolitan State College at 10 a.m.

How was it growing up in a household full of women?
It was great. Being around women and knowing them so well helped prepare [me] for life with women. My family owned a beauty salon, so my knowledge of all things woman was inbred in [me] from an early age. I truly believe that it has helped me be a better father to my daughter, Noelle.

What advice have you given your daughter as she approached adulthood?
I talk to my daughter about all things, from economics to sex. I want her to have the knowledge and point of view from a man as well as a woman. As she approaches adulthood, my goal is to have her grow into the woman she wants to be and not one that is dictated to her or influenced by the masses. I encourage her to be an individual, a leader not a follower.

How critical do you feel it was for you to be part of your daughter’s life for her mental health?
Being part of my daughter’s life was crucial to her development. Being the first male figure in her life and first man she loves [will have] an enormous effect on her life going forward. I didn’t want her to have figure out everything on her own like I and so many of us were forced to do.

What do you find to be the sexiest thing about a woman?
The sexiest thing about a woman to me is confidence. Nothing is sexier to me than a confident woman that is comfortable in her skin. It doesn’t matter what her size, shape or color. A confident woman in a world that constantly feeds them with insecurity is sexy as hell to me.

Tell us about your singing group and where we can we learn more about the project.
My band, Leon and The Peoples, play an original mix of reggae-soul music that moves you, makes you think and keeps things positive. Our new album on the Spectra Music label will be released at the beginning of 2018 and our new single, “Beautiful,” is coming out next month.

You can always find out more about Leon Robinson’s band at

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