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Miss Mykie overcomes alcoholism, launches Project Rehab Tour

Miss Mykie overcomes alcoholism, launches Project Rehab Tour
Photo courtesy of Miss Mykie

Miss Mykie who is best known for her bubbly personality and great spirit, is back and better promoting her Project Rehab Tour after recently battling with depression and alcoholism. Miss Mykie is best known for her music and former hosting position on BET’s “106 & Park.” While currently in the midst of relaunching her career through various projects involving music, TV, film, an autobiography, and a nationwide entertainment tour, Miss Mykie also has an upcoming EP project release titled Rehab.

Miss Mykie is at the helm, launching her vision and mission to encourage fans to break free from the chains of pain and empower them to overcome life’s challenges.

What keeps you motivated to stay on the right track each day?

Every day of my sobriety is a blessing for myself, household, family and friends. Last year around this time, my life was completely in shambles and I was a month away from hitting rock bottom and realizing that I needed help. My depression and anxiety had led me to abuse alcohol, which essentially led me to check myself into rehab. Remembering the way that I felt physically and mentally is a constant reminder that I can never go back to that life. Seeing myself, my business, and relationships continue to blossom and grow is what keeps me motivated to stay on track each day.

How do you set goals and evaluate your success? 

Every first of the month I sit down with my significant other and we review our prior month to see what needs improvement or needs more development in our personal lives, fitness/health, leisure time and career. We make necessary adjustments and write down our goals for the month. Every Sunday we write down our specific goals for that week that will assist with achieving our monthly goals.

We meet weekly to review progress and realize that some weeks are better than others. It’s not always easy because life always throws you a curve ball, but having an accountability partner and clear goals with a plan of action written out helps us to continue to grow and live a healthy balanced lifestyle.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I’m still working on appreciating the current moments and life’s process. I have my eyes so locked in on achieving my goals and reaching success that it causes me to be hard on myself because I’m not there yet. Everything takes time. I’m learning to be more patient and trusting where God is leading me. I’m learning to continue to make the most of each day and focusing on where I am now.

What’s your 2018 looking like for your career? What’s next for you?

2018 will officially mark one year of sobriety for me so I’m kicking the year off with a huge celebratory event! I’ve been working very hard on myself and being the best version of me as possible so I plan on this year reaping the benefits on a personal and business level!

I plan on achieving major success by inspiring and touching many students with the movement of my sobriety campaign “Project Rehab.” My team and I are preparing to launch my college tour where I will be educating those on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, addiction, depression, and pushing through tough times.

If you could change anything about your journey, would you avoid or enhance anything?

As difficult as times have been for me I wouldn’t change a thing! I needed every life lesson that God sent my way. Everything has assisted in me becoming the woman that I am today. I’m forever grateful!

Be sure to stay connected with Miss Mykie and her Rehab Tour. A portion of the proceeds from Project Rehab will be donated to Alcoholics Anonymous & The PARC Rehabilitation Center.

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