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White woman boycotts thick traffic reporter, Twitter destroys her

White woman boycotts thick traffic reporter, Twitter destroys her
Photo credit: Instagram – @demetriaobilor

This past week, a fired up Facebook user named Jan Shedd practically busted a blood vessel in her brain over the voluptuousness of a stunning Black woman on TV news.

After ABC Dallas hired curvaceous and photogenic traffic reporter Demetria Obilor, this disgruntled middle-aged White woman unleashed a social media rant against Obilor. The woman vowed to boycott the station because of the presence of this so-called big Black woman in a form-fitting dress. And since she posted on FB, she obviously wants others to join her.

This is far from the first time that Black women have been body-shamed or ridiculed viciously for flossing natural hair on TV news, or for showing off short cropped hair while doing the weather … or for just basically breathing. Aficionados of history know that body-shaming of Black women goes back centuries, and continues on to modern times — even U.S. senators took time to make fun of former first lady Michelle Obama’s backside.

The only time it’s acceptable is when the protruding posterior belongs to a White woman like, say, Kim Kardashian. And then it is celebrated and the owner of that derriere makes millions of dollars. But I digress.

Check out Obilor’s harsh body critic below:

White woman boycotts thick traffic reporter, Twitter destroys her

It is easy to determine that Shedd went off the deep end with something so innocuous and unimportant as someone body type and dress. And Black Twitter wasn’t having it. Obilor can’t clap back on the air at all her body-shaming racists, so Twitter took the initiative and shredded Jan and her self-righteous indignation and gave props to Obilor’s beauty.

Even Chance the Rapper got in on the shredding process:

Obilor was so grateful that she posted a video on Twitter to thank her viewing audience, those who defended her body type and supported her skill set, including Chance the Rapper.

Later on, after the avalanche of Black Twitter indignation rained down upon her, Jan tried to flip the script on the argument, calling her detractors “racist mafia” in order to deflect that she continues the American tradition of hating on shapely women of color.

White woman boycotts thick traffic reporter, Twitter destroys her

Well, Ms. Shedd, just like one of your detractors said in response to your ridiculous statement that you didn’t know that she was black: “Nice try, Jan. And I didn’t notice that the sky was blue.”

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