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T.I. defends Lizzo

Rap impresario T.I. is the latest A-list celebrity to come to Lizzo’s defense after she was bombarded by racist and body-shaming insults on her social

Beyoncé explains why she wrote ‘Bootylicious’

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the classic Beyoncé anthem, “Bootylicious,” that empowered full-figured and voluptuous women to be proud of their physical attributes.

TV One partners with the creators of the hit webseries ‘Love Handles’

TV One’s new webseries, the sitcom Love Handles, features a uniquely hilarious look into relationships and body consciousness. Centering on protagonist Liza as she copes with a broken heart and a bulging waistline. After gaining 20 pounds, Liza’s physical trainer boyfriend dumps her.

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