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Miss Robbie and crew are back for season 8 of ‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’

Miss Robbie and crew are back for season 8 of 'Welcome to Sweetie Pie's'
Miss Robbie makes a surprise visit to Houston to check on Tim, (Photo Credit: OWN TV)

They’ve got greens, beans, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, fried chicken, corn, broccoli—you name it! Just in time for the holidays, Miss Robbie and crew are back for the eighth season of “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s.” As usual, the premiere episode serves all the tasty fixings, as viewers journey with Miss Robbie and family on their fast-paced restaurant business adventures. Rewind to a few months earlier, after years of not agreeing in business, Miss Robbie sues her own son in order to stop him from constantly opening up more Sweetie Pie’s locations without her permission. Fast forward back to present day, their relationship is still at odds after months of not seeing each other and barely speaking.

Meanwhile, at Sweet Times restaurant in Houston business is booming, but Tim and Executive Chef Clark wrestle with the general upkeep and flow of the restaurant. With a high turnover rate, they struggle to find the perfect mix of talent to truly support the Sweetie Pie brand, similar to the original staff in their St. Louis home.

Out in Hollywood, Miss Robbie’s nephew Charles is ill-prepared and in over his head while running this location by himself. The frequent troubles at NoHo lead Charles to think about other dreams that he wants to pursue. He’s not exactly sure what he wants to do, but he did decide that he doesn’t want to be stuck in the restaurant business for the rest of his life.

Miss Robbie and crew are back for season 8 of 'Welcome to Sweetie Pie's'
Miss Robbie, Tim and TJ, (Photo Credit: Instagram, @the_timnorman)

Back to Houston, Miss Robbie makes a surprise appearance at Sweet Times restaurant to check on Tim in efforts to restore their rocky relationship. Chef Clark is forced to stall Miss Robbie as Tim is out running errands for supplies, but Miss Robbie feels Tim is simply avoiding her. Tim finally speaks with his mother and things are very awkward between them. It hurts both of them that things are still cold as they barely speak or have anything to talk about when in the past they would speak every day. Nevertheless, Miss Robbie wishes the best for her son and hopes that things between them will go back to normal soon.

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