Pink is uninvited to high school’s reunion

Pink is uninvited to high school's reunion
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Pink was snubbed by her old schoolmates who uninvited her to their school reunion because she was a dropout.

The “What About Us” singer dropped out of high school so was uninvited from a 10-year celebration, and was even turned away when she tried to pay a visit after signing her first record deal, as a member of Choice alongside Chrissy Conway and Stephanie Gilligan.

She said: “I dropped out so I was uninvited to my 10-year reunion.

“They contacted me to let me know I wasn’t invited! They hated me.

“When we signed our record deal in Choice, the girls went back to their school in New Jersey and I went back to my school in Pennsylvania. They were given cupcakes and I was escorted off the premises. What did I do at school? I was just very anti-authority.”

The 38-year-old singer’s concerts are famous for her acrobatic performances and she admitted she puts a lot into her physical exertions on stage because her Olympic ambitions were quashed when she was kicked off the squad by her gymnastics coach.

She said: “I do the acrobatic stuff because I was a gymnast for eight years and I wanted to compete in the Olympics but I got kicked out so this is sort of a ‘f— you’ to my gymnastics coach.”

Pink was told to either quit Choice to go solo or forget about a pop career by the boss of her record label, LaFace, and though she admitted it was an “uncomfortable” situation she is glad she didn’t give up.

She recalled: “I was put in a very uncomfortable position and I spent a week crying about it on the phone with my dad. He said, ‘Honey, when you were a little girl and you imagined yourself up on the stage was it you or a group and are you prepared to give it all up?’ I was like,’ It was me and no I’m not prepared to give it all up so I’m going to have to do something that’s really f—ng hard.’

“So I went solo, but they were wonderful girls.

“We had a record deal for two years and recorded 30 songs that never came out. But I just spent every day at the record company observing and asking questions. I learned so much.”

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