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Travel » Cali on a millennial budget: Where to eat, sleep and play

Cali on a millennial budget: Where to eat, sleep and play

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If you’ve never hopped on a plane to LAX, you may want to in the near future. There’s plenty of sites to see, places to eat and memories to be made in the City of Angels. With these guidelines, you’ll be able to take the trip and actually enjoy your time while balling on a budget. You may even have a little extra leftover to splurge toward the end of your trip. Take a look below:

Where to Stay:  

If you have champagne taste, Viceroy Santa Monica Hotel has you covered. Viceroy gives you the best of both worlds by providing luxury accommodations with special offers and discounts making lodging in Los Angeles completely affordable. The sophisticated hotel and resort located on Ocean Avenue has fine dining options, amenities, nightlife activities and more conveniently located on the premises.

How to get around: 

Since there is so much to do, you’ll need to think about means of transportation. You may want to stay clear of ride-sharing services if you would like to maximize your time in Los Angeles. Sometimes trying to save money by carpooling and ride sharing ends up backfiring because of how time-consuming it is. Although public transportation is also a cheap option, it may also take up too much time. Renting a car from an affordable company may be your best option. Try visiting travel platforms such as Expedia or Hotwire to compare rates. If you find a low rate, you’ll save money plus have the luxury of being able to come and go as you please.

What to eat:

Los Angeles is definitely one of the best cities for foodies. Most of the restaurants will probably have you snapping pictures every chance you get if your stomach doesn’t have first dibs. One meal you’ll want to make sure you get a picture of is your chicken and waffles from Roscoe’s. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, make sure you head to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles before you make your departure from LAX.

As far as breakfast goes make sure you try Eggslut, a food stand located in Grand Central Market. If you’re not up for a couple “sluts” during your visit, there are a range of other cheap options to choose from the famous landmark located downtown.

In case you’re in the mood for brunch and have some extra funds to blow, try The Ivy or Sal’s on Melrose, if you’re feeling “bad and boujee.” If you had a long night, missed brunch and need something quick because you got a late start to your day, head to the famous In-N-Out Burger for the perfect fast cheap recovery food.


There’s plenty to do during the daytime in the City of Angels, especially if you’re on a budget. If you enjoy daytime television, you may want research where your favorites are located, because it just may be taped in L.A. If so, try to use this opportunity to join the live audience.

Of course, you’ll also want to make time for hiking through the hills. For the perfect view of the Hollywood sign, make your way to Runyon Canyon. The way up may be more difficult than the way down, but it’s free and you’ll be awarded with a memorable view.

Memories can also be made at the tons of museums that L.A. has to offer. Many of them offer free admission depending on certain factors, but be prepared to pay for parking just in case. For a beautiful scene and an impromptu photo shoot, visit the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This is where you’ve most likely seen all your friends who visit L.A. take pictures at the spot with dozens of lights.

If you’re willing to pay for entertainment, check out OUE Skyspace LA, California’s tallest open-air observation deck. Adult admission is priced at an affordable $25.


If you take our advice and choose to stay at Viceroy, there are nightlife options right at your fingertips. If you’re ready to get outside of the hotel doors, there are plenty of nightlife options including other fine dining options, nightclubs and more. To save money and time, plan to eat and pregame at the hotel before heading out to your main destination for the night. Also be sure to utilize your connections and dress to impress in order to ensure entry to the L.A. nightclubs you plan to turn up at.