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Twitter does not feel sorry for Khloe Kardashian after Tristan Thompson cheated

Photo Credit: Instagram: @KhloeKardashian

Twitter can be an unforgiving, merciless medium when it comes to dissecting one’s personal business.

When it was revealed that Tristan Thompson of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers was flagrantly cheating on Khloe Kardashian, according to the Daily Mail, TMZ and other outlets, Twitter almost immediately roasted the statuesque child of Kris Jenner with “That’s what you get!”

From social media’s perspective, Kardashian is getting a strong dose of karma slammed right back in her face. It was revealed by multiple publications a few years ago that Thompson, 27, left his then girlfriend, Jordan “Jordy” Craig, 27, while she was very pregnant with (and very close to delivering) their child, Prince Oliver, and flew into the arms of Kardashian.

Today, Kardashian is also very pregnant, and very close to delivering her first child with Thompson when the photos and videos clearly show Thompson slobbing down an attractive woman inside a nightclub. Another photo shows the Cavs center entering a hotel with another woman.

As one of the Twitter users below stated succinctly (paraphrasing), how you get a man is the same way you will lose him. Most abhorred the way Kardashian knowingly began a relationship with Thompson while he was with Craig — then Kardashian had the audacity to talk trash to Craig despite the delicate condition Craig was in.

Now that Kardashian is experiencing the exact same type of infidelity that Craig did, Twitter tore into Kardashian.

Check out a sampling of the shade Twitter threw at Kardashian.