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Fans go crazy over Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Halloween costumes (photos)

Photo: Instagram/@beyonce

The unofficial queen of Halloween has once again set the Internet ablaze with her annual homage to legendary stars on this holiday.

Just this past weekend, Beyoncé caused major cyberspace disruption when she channeled her inner Toni Braxton and imitated the “Another Sad Love Song” singer’s classic 1993 cover.

Photos: Instagram/@beyonce

Queen Bey and Jay-Z slayed on Halloween again. Beyonce dressed as Olympic athlete Florence Griffith Joyner, who will always be known by her catchy nickname “Flo Jo.” Bey had on the purple leotard that Flo Jo wore, punctuated with the one pants leg and flowing long hair she sported in 1988. Flo Jo set world records in the 100m and 200m races at the 1988 Olympics that stand to this day.

Husband Jay dressed as the legendary sports star, Tommie Smith, the Olympic medalist who will forever be remembered for his Black Power Salute atop the podium during the Mexico Olympic games in 1968. Smith, who raised his black-gloved fist with fellow Olympian John Carlos, is now 74 years old.

Tragically, Flo Jo died in her sleep at only 38 years old in 1998. An autopsy revealed that she succumbed to suffocation resulting from epileptic seizures. The medical examiner also found she had brain abnormality that made her susceptible to these seizures.