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Nipsey Hussle’s friend was shot, confined to a wheelchair, and arrested

Eric Holder has been charged with fatally shooting Nipsey Hussle and injuring Kerry Lathan and a third man. Photo: Los Angeles Police Dept.

It is bad enough that one of Nipsey Hussle’s friends was shot alongside the legendary rapper outside The Marathon Clothing store, leaving him confined to a wheelchair. But the permanently injured friend of Nipsey’s has also been thrown back in jail for allegedly violating his parole, the media has reported.

Incredibly, Kerry Lathan, 56, was reportedly arrested by Los Angeles authorities for even talking with Hussle, TMZ states.

Lathan was one of the three people who was shot on March 31, 2019, in the parking lot of the clothing store that Hussle owned on the corner of Crenshaw Boulevard and Slauson Avenue in the Hyde Park section of South Los Angeles. Lathan was struck in the back, which explains why he’s now in a wheelchair.

Reputed gang member Eric Holder, 21, has been charged with murder and two counts of attempted murder for opening fire on Hussle, Lathan and a third man, who has not been identified.

Lathan is now holed up in downtown Los Angeles’ Men’s Central Jail as authorities attempt to revoke his parole, according to reports.

Police accused Lathan of being in violation of his parole for even speaking with Hussle, who police said had gang-related ties. Lathan is not allowed to have contact with members of a gang. Hussle, of course, was once a member of the Rollin 60’s Crips. But Hussle later renounced the gang lifestyle and explained it to Boston’s WBUR.

“In my section of the Crenshaw District in the Rollin’ 60s, none of my peers survived. None of my peers avoided prison. None of ’em,” Nipsey told the station. “Everybody got bullet wounds and felonies and strikes. So to make it out mentally stable and not in prison and not on drugs, that’s a win. That’s a victory in itself. Then to be in the position I find myself in as an artist and entrepreneur who has respect around the world — that’s legendary. And I say it in the most humble way.”

Many urbanites are outraged at Lathan’s arrest. Esteemed rapper and prison reform activist Meek Mill has seen this travesty of justice play out throughout his entire life. He spoke out vociferously against the American penal system after news of Latham’s arrest hit the airwaves: