After the Met Gala, Snoop Dogg profanely asks: ‘Is Gucci ban over?’ (video)

After the Met Gala, Snoop Dogg profanely asks: 'Is Gucci ban over?' (video)

Hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, who helped usher in a pop culture revolution from the early to mid-1990s with his laid-back but menacing and profane brand of G-funk rap, is openly inquiring if the ban on Gucci is over.

Snoop Dogg, 47, laughed sardonically when he profanely asked his 31M Instagram followers if the Gucci ban was unofficially lifted by the Black community. This question comes in the aftermath of the many African American celebrities who flossed Gucci outfits at the 2019 Met Gala in New York on Monday.

“I seen some n—–s wearing Gucci the other day, so is the ban off or not? Y’all gotta let me know ‘cause I got a whole bunch of s— in here I ain’t gave away yet. N—–s wearing Gucci again or not? ‘Cause y’all ain’t say nothing about them n—–s that had it on the other night.

“If I wear it y’all gon’ talk s—?” he asked rhetorically, then let out that famous chuckle. “You n—-s is somethin’ else wit these bans, cuz. Let me know when the ban is officially off.”

We know that Gucci and other major Italian fashion houses offered profuse apologies after trying to hawk items that were deemed culturally insensitive. Even rapper T.I. convened a town hall meeting to discuss the matter and to orchestrate an organized boycott of the offending fashion manufacturers.

Listen to Snoop’s IG Live post below:

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