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Cardi B says voters failed Bernie Sanders in last election

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (Photo credit: Steed Media)

Rap empress Cardi B is feeling some kind of way about how voters allegedly treated presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in the last presidential election.

The popular Sanders narrowly lost in the extremely controversial primaries to Hillary Rodham Clinton, who then became the Democratic candidate in 2016. Clinton eventually lost to Republican candidate Donald Trump in November of that year, despite winning the popular vote by more than 3 million votes.

It looks like the 26-year-old “Bartier Cardi” lyricist is throwing her support behind the 77-year-old Vermont senator, who also was born in New York.

Despite getting grief with some tax-hating citizens, Cardi B said she won’t mind if Uncle Sam takes an even greater chunk of her paychecks as long as it’s put to good use.

This is far from the first time that Cardi has spoken out about political issues and endorsed Sanders.