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Food and Nutrition » 3 ways for working moms to make easy everyday meals with Publix

3 ways for working moms to make easy everyday meals with Publix

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While the kids are out for the summer, mom’s workload never ends. In between meetings, carpools and deciding what to eat, life can be chaotic. To simplify and slow things down a bit, Publix has come up with a few ways to make everyday meals easy.

Along with technology and a variety of convenient shopping solutions, below are three quick solutions from Publix to add a little peace to your mealtime.

1. In-store pickup. Right from your phone or desktop, you can preorder subs from the deli, bakery items, produce, meals and seafood. Just stop by your local store when you are ready. You can also check the website for weekly specials and a complete list of available items for pickup.

Photo courtesy: Publix

2. Publix Aprons® Ready to Cook: Can’t decide what to cook tonight? Take the stress out of meal-planning with Publix Aprons® ready-to-cook meals located in the meat department. Each meal is perfectly portioned and prepped just for you. All you have to do is follow the cooking instructions provided for a tasty meal.

Photo Courtesy: Publix

3. Publix Aprons® Cook in Bag Meals: Looking for something fast, easy and delicious? Publix offers a selection of cook-in-bag meals. For instance, choose a type of fish and the desired flavor. Publix’s seafood department staff will prep the meal and put it in the bag.  Cut food prep and cooking time in half. Stop by and pick up one. You can have a delicious meal for one or the entire family in a snap.


Photo Courtesy: Publix