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7 podcasts for women to restore the peace while on vacation

7 podcasts for women to restore the peace while on vacation
Playing the Therapy for Black Girls podcast (Photo credit: Joy Nealey of Steed Media)

Vacations are a time of peace and relaxation. It is a time to step away from your normal day-to-day schedules and instead take time for yourself to restore your peace. Ladies, as you travel to your getaway destination, listen to these podcasts to uplift your mental state.

  1. “Therapy for Black Girls” –  Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist based in Atlanta, hosts “Therapy for Black Girls.” The show consists of conversations on mental health that will put you in the feeling of being in a therapy session.
  2. “The Bloom Podcast” – “The Bloom Podcast” is a faith-based podcast focusing on restoring peace through spirituality. Zim Ugochukwu is a former entrepreneur who is sharing Christ by hosting this show. She provides advice on how to deal with obstacles faced throughout life with the help of God.
  3. “Trusting the Process” – Debra Chosen hosts “Trusting the Process,” a podcast that praises Black women on their successes. The show gives insight on how these women reached the level of success they have achieved.
  4. “The Plannter Podcast” –  The Plannter Podcast is hosted by a group of ladies geared toward the development of millennials. The show focuses on topics that will restore personal growth, such as faith, motivation, mental and physical health. These young ladies open up a space for self-reflection.
  5. “She’s in a Pod” – “She’s in a Pod” is hosted by three ladies; Sade Oludoyi, Bianca Bruce, and Jennifer Okolo. With completely different backgrounds, they have come together to empower women by defining what a 21st-century woman is.
  6. “Wonderfully Made” –  Fifi Buchanan, the host of “Wonderfully Made,” gives insight on how to live a balanced lifestyle. The show opens up conversations that reflect your day-to-day habits in hopes of restoring healthier ways.
  7. “Naked Beauty” – Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli and her featured guest discuss self-care and skincare. They detail their favorite beauty hacks and tips to improve wellness.
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