7 podcasts for women to restore the peace while on vacation

Vacations are a time of peace and relaxation. It is a time to step away from your normal day-to-day schedules and instead take time for yourself to restore your peace. Ladies, as you travel to your getaway destination, listen to these podcasts to uplift your mental state. “Therapy for Black Girls” –  Dr. Joy Harden […]

Watch: 100 – Proof radio show with host Je’Wesley

On the 42nd episode of 100- Proof with Je’Wesley  there was a healthy, mature and fun dialogue with Cocktail Insiders about women at the bar! Featuring special guests Brandee Hailey, Ashley Little, Darrin Lamar and Lisa Leventhal the premise of this conversation is to explore the world of the bar and who pays for the tab. […]

Ladies Who Brunch empower and inspire women at networking event

This past weekend, Ladies Who Brunch hosted The Connect: Business, Bubbles, and Brunch. Ladies Who Brunch is well known for having successful and experienced speakers like Myleik Teele (CEO of CurlBox), Toya Wright (author and founder of Garb Boutique), Claire Sulmers (founder of Fashion Bomb Daily), Necole Kane (entertainment and lifestyle blogger), and many more […]

5 reasons Cam Newton is still the MVP among the ladies

Well, Super Bowl 50 is over, and the Denver Bronco’s won; however, there’s a young superstar MVP by the name of Cam Newton who continues to get special media recognition. Even though his team lost, and he got sacked six times during the Super Bowl, and everyone could tell his feelings were clearly hurt at the post […]

Pastor tells women to give up panties in church for Christ

A pastor in Kenya has ordered the women of his church to not wear panties and bras in church. The reason for this is so that Jesus could enter their lives more freely. Pastor Njohi of Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church in Dandora, Kenya has stated “that undergarments are ungodly that people need to be free […]