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Common confirms he is dating Angela Rye again (video)

Angela Rye (Photo credit: Amir Shaw for Steed Media)

Female fans melted over rapper Common when he was dating political juggernaut and CNN contributor Angela Rye, and then they were disappointed to learn that the power couple had split up last year.

But, according to Common’s own words, things are back on between the “Light” lyricist and the beloved political firebrand.

Common alluded to Rye during the Angie Martinez podcast on Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2019, where the radio show host asked him if he was romancing singer Erykah Badu. The two musicians performed “The Light” together at “Black Girls Rock!” on Sunday, Aug. 25.

Common quickly swatted down that rumor. He acknowledged that he and Badu are very close friends but said he’s seeing someone else.

Instead, there had been low-level whisperings that Common and Rye were back together when she was with him in May during the promotion of his memoir, Let Love Have the Light. Common now confirms the speculation as accurate.

Common, 47, said his romance with Rye was blossoming in 2018 but that he needed more time for intense introspection and self-maintenance in order to be the boyfriend she deserved.

“I’m really happy,” he said. “I think being able to go through situations where I didn’t do good in relationships. Some of that was my responsibility, and after repeating that, being like ‘What am I doing wrong?’ and working on self, I’m able to come to a relationship more, like, whole. This is where I am with it, this is what I’m looking for. If things change, then let’s communicate.”

Common said undergoing therapy helped heal him from childhood trauma and other dysfunction that derailed his relationship with Rye. Now, he says they are able to enjoy each other without unnecessary distractions and turbulence.

“We dated and then I had to get myself together, and she was doing some work,” he said. “She’s a strong cookie, but she’s good people and really a good balance and fun, too. I need a partner who is fun because we go out there and do the work, and constantly I’m living out the things I’m passionate about. But so many times I’m talking about the things that are going on in the world, serious things in life, so I just need somebody that’s, like, we can just talk and have fun.”

Martinez said aloud what Common must have been thinking: she believes there could be a long-term situation between him and Rye.

“Let’s put that energy out there,” Common said, flashing his famous smile.

Check out Common discussing Rye and other subjects in full with Martinez below: