Ernestine Johnson Morrison shares how she raised millions at 2019 RIDE

Ernestine Johnson Morrison Photo Credit: Cassidy S.)

Ernestine Johnson Morrison is an actress, poet, and the founder of the first black-owned SEC-regulated real estate crowdfund. We spoke to Johnson Morrison – a moderator and speaker at the two-day RIDE Conference 2019 about innovation and technology.

What does innovation mean to you?

I’m at the rolling out Ride Conference 2019 and I’m leaving so inspired. When I think about what RIDE means [it’s] rolling out innovation and digital entertainment. When I think of the word innovation, I think of one of my favorite models, and it is to create, don’t wait. We all have the tools and the resources and the gifts inside of us to innovate whatever it is, whatever idea that we want to birth and bring about. We have to stop waiting on opportunities and waiting for it to fall in our laps and understand that we have the gifts to create our own lanes, create our own businesses, start our own podcast, own the company, own the studio, own the production company. That’s what this conference is about and that’s what innovation means to me. I’m so excited to get home and get back into my business plans and get back into my life and keep creating and innovating.

How do you use technology in your daily life?

Technology is such an important part of my daily life. Outside of social media and building my brand awareness, I co-own a Tulsa Real Estate Fund where we leverage the crowd to crowdfund, to purchase real estate assets together and own a portfolio together. A huge part of that success and how we raised $7 million, after the launch of our real estate fund was because of technology and because of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our grassroots movements that go viral because of technology.

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