Atlanta rapper Ca$htalk creates buzz with release of ‘City of God III’ mixtape

Ca$htalk is a product of Carver Homes and Mechanicsville in Atlanta’s infamous Zone 3. On Aug. 29, 2019, the 23-year-old rapper, who is signed to Atlanta-based independent label Never Eat Alone Entertainment, released his new mixtape project, City of God III. This latest release was preceded by  City of God II in 2018 and City of God I, which he independently recorded before joining NEA.

For three hours on Tuesday evening, Sept. 3, Ca$htalk introduced City of God III to an intimate crowd during a listening party at the headquarters of the streaming platform My Mixtapez.

Rolling out caught up with Ca$htalk at the event to learn more about the message behind the 13 tracks in the final chapter in his City of God trilogy.

What is your creative process when you are making music?

I don’t really write because I just speak about what is going on in my life at that time. For example, like right now I feel good, so if I go to the studio right now, I would make a song that makes everybody feel good, or if I was going through some rough times right now, everybody gone feel my pain in my lyrics.

Which song on your mixtape means the most to you?

My single titled “Be There” because as long as I’m good, I will always make sure my momma, my brothers and my son good.

Which song on your mixtape speaks about your life?

My other single titled “I Am Still Me” because it’s the real definition of myself while also explaining everything about me and what I been through, giving my fans everything they need to know.

What can your fans expect from City of God III, and how does it compare to City of God I and  City of God II?

City of God III is the classic project because it is the final mixtape for City of God. The first one got me hot, the second one got me signed to NEA and the third one is going to clear the game and wake up the streets.

What advice can you give to an up-and-coming recording artist in the rap game?

Take your time. It will get to be stressful and annoying. You might even get to a point where you want to just quit because I been there. Don’t give up, save your money and invest in yourself. Build your team and stick with them. Only people who lose are quitters.

What is your ultimate goal going into 2020?

Just becoming a better artist because I listen now and more. I am handling my business, and everything else is just tunnel vision. I don’t have goals set right now other than becoming a better artist because anything else that comes my way I know I deserve.

Rachael Leaphart
Rachael Leaphart

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