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Music » Uncle Luke says J. Lo is not a music legend, calls Jay-Z a token (video)

Uncle Luke says J. Lo is not a music legend, calls Jay-Z a token (video)

Legendary rapper Luther Campbell, aka Uncle Luke (Image source: Instagram – @unclelukereal1)

Miami rap legend Uncle Luke continues to bark loudly over his disapproval of Jay-Z and the Super Bowl halftime musical lineup.

In his most aggressive stance yet, Uncle Luke, the former 2 Live Crew founder, told TMZ directly in a video interview that Jennifer Lopez, aka J. Lo is not a musical legend and therefore is not a big enough A-lister to land the main performance spot at the upcoming 2020 Super Bowl in Miami.

The man born Luther Campbell believes Miami rappers Pitbull and Flo Rida are at a higher level than Bronx-born J. Lo and Columbian-born Shakira. Though Luke gives J.Lo props for making her mark as an actress, he definitely doesn’t think she is at the level as a singer as other potential performers.

Uncle Luke said there is a small list of actual legends who would warrant top-billing for a Super Bowl no matter where it’s being played, but J.Lo is not on that level.

“When it’s Prince or Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston, you have to stand down. I don’t care what city you’re in,” Campbell said. “When it’s Garth Brooks, you have to stand down.”

Uncle Luke also said that the halftime show should be city-centric and that also disqualifies J.Lo and Shakira.

Luke added that he believes Jay-Z is the “token Black” who “got played” by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in the formation of this deal that makes the billionaire rap baron look like a “house Brother.”

Check out Luke’s interview with TMZ below: