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Wendy Williams announces she has a new boyfriend (video)

LisaRaye, left, is being interviewed by Wendy Williams (Photo: Instagram – @YouTube/Wendy Williams Show)

Wendy Williams is about to close the door on a tumultuous, rollercoaster year that saw her suffer a drug relapse, spend time in a sober house, watch her husband’s side chick give birth and file for divorce from spouse Kevin Hunter.

During this same time period, Williams also got her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, oversaw a documentary about her life and career, and she was able to rediscover love with a new boyfriend.

Williams has only hinted in past shows and interviews that the new man is a doctor or some sort, but has thus far refused to divulge any details.

While talking to actress LisaRaye McCoy on her eponymous talk show, Williams, 54, gave more clues about her new man:

Wendy Williams: “So what’s goin’ on with your love life?

LisaRaye McCoy: “Not a…thing!”

Wendy: “Really? So you’re totally eligible?”

LisaRaye: “Hooked like you!”

Wendy: “Oh, no no no! I’m getting a divorce, but I’m very claimed.”

LisaRaye: “You are claimed?”

Wendy: “I’m very claimed!”

Check out the juicy conversation between Williams and LisaRaye below: