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‘Rolling out’ publisher and CEO Munson Steed creates Black toy and book company

At Playful Genius, Steed has enlisted a team of educators and creatives who have produced child- and family-friendly music and other content. “We have been able to get songwriters and artists to perform and produce music on all the digital platforms, including Apple, Spotify and Amazon, to inspire and uplift our children,” he said.

The company also has begun hosting casting calls for children ages 6 to 12 to act in its future music videos. Jessica Moultrie, a children’s director and casting agent who emceed the most recent casting call at rolling out studios in Atlanta, credited Steed and Playful Genius with inspiring kids to follow their dreams.

“Playful Genius’ casting helps parents who want to get their children into the entertainment industry by educating them about the necessary steps to take, shows them the steps of a casting call or audition, and connects them with industry professionals who book talent,” Moultrie said.

Atlanta-based filmmaker Ric Mathis said Playful Genius’ casting events are important because they give parents and children real-life exposure and experiences in front of a major media outlet.

“It helps them because it puts them close to the action of the booming film industry in Atlanta. It helps them become a part of the filmmakers’ network,” Mathis said.

Under the Little Professor Skye banner, Playful Genius is working to produce an animated series to air in 2020.

“Playful Genius is the beginning of a revolution for all children to see themselves in a way that will enhance their brilliance and increase their self-esteem,” Steed said. “Kudos to the team members over at Playful Genius for their continued efforts to serve, to educate and to uplift our community as we have at rolling out for the past 20 years.”

Check out some of the Playful Genius products in the photo gallery above. Click here or visit the website at to see more.

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