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Dame Dash disgusted R. Kelly married 15-year-old ‘sacrificial lamb’ Aaliyah

“And you know, I know the whole story,” the Roc-A-Fella co-founder added. “You know what I’m sayin’? I know it was the cover-up and all of that. But how did that cover it up? It just made the conversation, ‘Oh, he married a child?’ So how you still — that was a headline! That was like, a rumor. That was something talked about like it was normal. It wasn’t like, ‘Ew disgusting, you married a 13-year-old.’ It was like, ‘Oh, he married Aaliyah?’ She’s 13!”

Dash is then corrected by the interviewer, who informs him that Aaliyah was 15 when she married Kelly. His defiance and disgust is obvious.

“I don’t have to be accurate ’cause I don’t care,” Dash reasons. “15, 13, anything under 18 is disgusting. You know what I mean? That’s still a child.”

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