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Chicago rapper Add-2 examines Black life in America on ‘Jim Crow the Musical’

Add-2 (Photo credit: F.A.B.L.E)

Add-2 is insightful in his approach and skillful in his delivery. His most recent project, Jim Crow the Musical, is a commentary on the Black experience over the years.

On “The Secret Life of Blacks,” Add-2 spits: “Black like Black love, Black like baby mamas, Black like I was born with rhythm, Black like the elders and eternal wisdom, Black like I’ll be there in five minutes, Black like cop kill a n—a and get acquitted.”

Rolling out spoke with the Chicago rapper about his project and what inspired him.

Talk about your inspiration and creative process behind this project. 

I wanted to be very intentional about every word, every song, every skit. I wanted to capture my experience of being Black in America. Honestly, I wanted to capture the joy, pain, triumph, anger, truth and trauma. I would listen to speeches from Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, Minister [Louis] Farrakhan, interviews with Fannie Lou Hamer and James Baldwin, [watch] films from Spike Lee, and I had them on repeat. I made sure my message wouldn’t be lost. I wanted to celebrate us. 

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