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702 thankful for DJ Mustard, Roddy Ricch and 21 Savage keeping legacy alive

Queens of R&B marvel at timeless art

Three decades later, 702 is as relevant as ever.

Group members Meelah and Misha are building the group’s legacy in honor of late group member Irish Grinstead, who died of kidney failure at 43 in September 2023. The group is currently on the Queens of R&B Tour along with XScape, SWV, Mya, MC Lyte and Total.

On Misha’s birthday, the group sat down to speak with rolling out about the tour, being independent and remaining relevant in music.

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How did you two feel about DJ Mustard sampling “Get It Together” for “Ballin'” with Roddy Ricch?

Meelah: We feel great about that.

Misha: Yeah. It’s an honor. It lets you feel like finally some of your hard work is paying off, and the younger generation has taken notice of some of the stuff we did back in the day.

It’s good because I have a young son, who’s not young — he’s 25. Then, I have a 19-year-old daughter, so they listen to Roddy Ricch and now they can relate to the stuff we did. It makes me feel good.

Meelah: Shout-out to DJ Mustard for that. We appreciate the ear of the producers who are wise enough to implement the sound of the 90s. Most of the time, the producers are our age, so they remember these records. I’m so happy they infuse them into their artists of today to get the ear of today’s generation. It feels wonderful. We love it because we love those streams, the numbers. We are ecstatic about it. We are humbled by it, though.

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How does it feel to be invited on this tour and share the stage with The Queens of R&B?

Meelah: Misha kind of talked about it before. [It] finally feels as though your work has paid off. You’re finally receiving your flowers, finally being recognized. I don’t throw around the word, legend, or icon — nor do I take “Queen” lightly. I’m grateful. I think we’re both just honored and humbled.

Misha: These are legends we grew up listening to ourselves. To have them open the door and leave it open for us to walk through means a lot. SWV and XScape did not have to extend this olive branch to us. They could have chosen anybody. They are very big shoes to fill, but thank God — and by the grace of God — we are one of those groups they chose to do the tour with them.

Misha, what are you thankful for this birthday?

Misha: This birthday, in particular, I’m thankful for the time I had with my mother and my father. And the time I had with my sister, Irish, on stage.

I’m grateful. This is a bitter birthday for me because it’s my first birthday without them and Irish. Irish and the twins’ birthday [just happened on June 2], so I felt like a triplet all my life because my birthday was right behind theirs. Coming off of their birthday in particular — just because it’s the first — has been kind of tough, but I’m thankful for family. I’m thankful for beautiful beginnings and a beautiful ending … you know, I’m still 21.

Meelah: [Speaking of 21], I like 21 Savage, by the way. I just thought about 21 Savage when you said that. That’s my guy.

Has 21 Savage sung one of your songs on Instagram Live before?

Meelah: Yeah! That’s why I love him so much. [He sang], “Get It Together.”

Misha: Well, I was already a big fan; but after that, that just boosted him up for us. I think he’s top-notch right now. He’s over my daddy. No, I’m just kidding — but he’s up there.

Meelah: He sang “Get It Together” a couple of times, I love it. I appreciate it so much.

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