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Does it matter who headlines a concert between SWV and Xscape?

The two R&B groups had a disagreement on their joint show

Does it matter who headlines a concert between SWV and Xscape?

On the latest episode of “SWV & Xscape: Queens of R&B,” the show ended with a cliffhanger as both music groups discussed having a one-night performance together.

The groups began to discuss who would headline for who in that situation, which led to some confusion, dotted with snarky comments. Kandi Burrus, one of the more active members of Xscape, thinks that they should headline the show, while SWV believes the show would involve both groups being co-headliners.

Burruss didn’t seem like a fan of that idea, and neither did Tameka Harris, and they went on Twitter to address the situation.

SWV was one of the hottest female R&B groups in the 90s, and according to Coko Clemons, the group has sold around 30 million records. Xscape didn’t reach those numbers, but many people still are fans of their music. Though the two girl groups may not be on the same level when it comes to record sales, they have both made good music that people enjoy, which should stand above anything else.

R&B singer Demi Grace is a part of the new generation of love music and told rolling out she doesn’t like to see the two R&B groups go back and forth, and what’s more important is that they express themselves and have their voices be heard.

“I appreciate artists that are humble enough to open for whoever they have to open for because it allows you to continuously reinvent yourself,” Grace said. “Miles Davis was great at that, and Bob Marley did that, and I’m sure he would have kept doing that.

“It isn’t as important as we think it is,” Grace said. “You have to decide what is more important. Two things can be true, and two things can be important.”

If they both consider themselves the queens of R&B, they should be in the business of lifting up each other, instead of trying to figure out who would headline for who. Regardless of who comes out first or last, fans will pack in to listen to their favorite artists, and that’s what matters.

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