Kamala Harris revealed that she noticed fly on Mike Pence’s hair

The policies discussed in the first and only vice presidential debate were largely overshadowed by an insect. During the latter moments of the debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence, a fly landed on Pence’s hair. The fly immediately diverted attention from the actual debate, as thousands of people on social media created memes to […]

Atlanta teen debaters discusss the Harvard Diversity Project and making history

For many teenagers, attending a Harvard Unversity debate program and making history in a debate competition isn’t the first thing on their minds. However, for two Atlanta teenagers, it is in fact their reality. Madison Webb, a 17-year old Langston Hughes senior and Christian Flournoy, a 15-year-old Westminster Schools sophomore, are a part of the […]

LeBron James dismissed by Michael Jordan fans after ‘The Last Dance’ doc

One of the most remarkable aspects of the record-breaking ESPN documentary “The Last Dance” is that LeBron James would shoot to the top of nationally trending topics, even though the enthralling documentary centered around Michael Jordan. King James, 35, who has been the face of the NBA and its best player for the past decade, […]

Candace Owens challenges Cardi B to political debate, gets torched on Twitter

Black Twitter says it knows a clout chaser when they see one and, according to their responses on social media, Candace Owens is the very definition of a thirsty fame seeker. Owens, who openly campaigned against Donald Trump before he became president and is now No. 45’s most infamous Black supporter – especially now that […]

The great debate: Ranch or blue cheese?

Rolling out asked the age-old question: which is better, ranch or blue cheese? Find out what YFN Lucci, Jessica White, Blac Youngsta, Young Dro and more had to say. [jwplatform KPIgrQfr]

Trump bringing President Obama’s brother to debate

During this heated presidential election, many people have disagreed with family members about whether to support Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, and apparently, President Obama is no different. Donald Trump has announced that one of his special guests at tonight’s last debate in Las Vegas will be President Obama’s older half-brother, Malik Obama. Malik Obama […]

Trump-Clinton debate shows Hillary a winner with facts

The first of a scheduled two debates ended last night between Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The debate was moderated by a strangely calm Lester Holt, who many claimed was hesitant in allowing both candidates to run overtime and not answer specifics. There were a lot of issues that […]

Rising Republican star tries Van Jones, gets schooled

Initially a bit startled when Owen Shroyer ran up on him in the streets of Cleveland during the Republican National Convention, Van Jones eagerly accepted a challenge to have a debate with the young Info Wars correspondent. The lesson began almost immediately as Jones parried Shroyer’s confrontational blows by setting a tone of peaceful discourse. […]

Donald Trump’s 5 most shockingly ‘unpresidential’ statements

When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the 2016 presidential race, we expected this to be a different type of campaign. Before his foray into politics, Trump was well-known for his sarcasm and extreme, often distasteful comments. Speculation was made on how much the TV personality would have to change in order to be taken seriously as a viable Republican candidate for president. To the surprise of some, Trump […]

Trump defends penis size at Republican debate

[jwplatform OvOPgaxX] The current election season among Republican presidential candidates has allowed America to see a descent to the absurd. Donald Trump actually made reference to the size of his penis at last night’s Republican debate, in response to Marco Rubio correlating the size of his hands to his manhood..

Mayoral debate sparks intense reactions in Chicago residents

Socioeconomic status and race were the primary concerns raised at last night’s mayoral debate in Chicago’s Blue Island area. Chicago residents voiced their concerns and opinions of current mayor Rahm Emmanuel and his other political running counterparts. The event was moderated by rolling out’s TJ Crawford and included a panel discussion that featured two community […]

Twitter debates Pharrell’s ‘GIRL’ album cover

Pharrell debuted his new album, GIRL, via livestream on iTunes Radio last night. And while much of the immediate fan reaction centered on the hitmaker’s new music, soon criticism began to surface regarding the album cover. On the cover, Pharrell and three women are posing in sunglasses and bathrobes. Criticism arose due to the fact that no darker-skinned women are featured.

Best Hip-Hop Tweets About Presidential Debate

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney went head-to-head on the first of two presidential debates. Millions of Americans took to social media to give their opinions on the debate. Several hip-hop stars also weighed in. Click continue to view the 10 best hip-hop tweets about the presidential debates.