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Kandi Burruss learned about rumors of her divorce from her daughter

Entrepreneur, actress and reality star surprised to learn her relationship was a hot topic
Kandi Burruss
Kandi Burruss (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Kandi Burruss learned about her divorce rumors from her daughter.

The 47-year-old star is married to producer Todd Tucker but has Riley, 21, from her previous relationship with Russell Spencer and quashed rumors that a split was on the cards by noting that the first thing she heard about it was when it trended online.

“Riley actually sent it to me. She was like, ‘Why do people keep saying that y’all about to get divorced?’ I was like, ‘I don’t know’ I think it came from Todd and I on his YouTube.

“We were doing this thing called Todd and the Glam Squad where I would get my hair and makeup done [and] he would sit and we would talk about hot topics or relationship issues,” Kandi told US Weekly.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star — who has Tucker, seven, and three-year-old Blaze with Todd has 27-year-old Kaela from a previous relationship — added that she and her husband are so “passionate” when they have a debate and that fans are always picking up on the slightest things to speculate that they have split.

“We’re passionate when we go back and forth. I think people kind of mistook that to say we were angry with each other. But we’re [just] debating the topic. We’re going back and forth about this. I’ve been like that my whole life. As soon as we have a back and forth, I can walk out the room and be like, ‘OK, now what are we doing next?’ Whereas I guess to somebody that’s watching it, they are thinking that it’s more than that.

“Today I do [have my ring on]. But they’ll be like, ‘Why doesn’t she have on her ring?’ I hardly ever have it on. He always has his on. If he doesn’t have it on — then it’s going to be a problem. That’s going to be a problem,” she said.

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    Tell Todd don’t get caught without that ring, tell the trolls it’s time to focus on thier lives.

    It’s always changing to be made for the better in one’s like.



    1. You are right! Trolls be gone.

      Kandie and Todd are equally yoked.

      Gonna be together forever ❤️

      1. People need to leave them alone period. I don’t care about their marriage. It is what it is. Todd & Kandi are two people living life. They have ups and downs like anyone else. They have busy lives and who doesn’t nowadays? The economy has forced everyone to work harder and longer. Retirement is a thing of the past.

  2. People are so cruel and are always making the smallest thing out of nothing. They are just haters and want something to talk about. Ignore the bull…t and keep moving with your life and marriage.

      1. Love Kandi! But she can’t be double sided about Todd not wearing his ring if she herself “hardly ever have it on…” Just saying. Wishing them well though!

        1. Lol I was thinking the same thing like dang Kandi, 🤣 you fool’n with that hahaha but Tod cool with it, so hey 🤷🏿‍♂️

        1. FO’ SHO’….
          like Chaka Khan said:
          Thru the fire, to the limit…yes indeed, if they survived Hurricane Joyce and all of her efforts to derail their marriage, they surely can & will make it thru any other glitches in their matrix…

        2. Yes indeed…if they survived Hurricane Joyce, surely they can and will survive any other glitches in their matrix…🙄🙄🙄…sheesh… i wish these internet trolls would leave people alone!!!

        3. I stop watching the show cuz of Kandi crying EVERY TIME. Put your mother in her place. “Kandi crying again” I couldn’t take it no longer

        4. Totally agree that was a big hurdle to jump because Mama Joyce wasn’t playing about her Kandi. I love Todd and Kandi’s relationship and I wish them all positive vibes and ❤️.

    1. Yeah me too, 😀 I knew his name was Ace because so is mine, 😂 hey they been together for nice while now, I don’t 🙈 see any problems in the future, stay blessed and enjoy each other 💓

  3. I love you Kandi u and Todd are all that and a bag of Chips🥰
    Much love too you both ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. You are right! Trolls be gone.

    Kandie and Todd are equally yoked.

    Gonna be together forever ❤️

  5. The perfect man for the perfect lady ,married together forever, when they made it through the situation about signing a prenup and other pre situations with others well this marriage is forever 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💕

  6. Kandi I would love if you & Todd help me produce my movie 🎥 idea! Thanks 😊 PattiCake613 on Facebook

  7. Love Kandi! But she can’t be double sided about Todd NOT wearing his ring when she herself “hardly ever have it on…” Just saying. Wish them well though!

  8. So it’s okay for her to not wear her ring sometimes. But if Todd does not wear his ring then it’s a problem?

    1. Hi Candi @ Todd, best wishes to the both of you, I say I was with my husband for 22 yrs, he passed, but we were with each other until dealth apparted us . Keep doing what you feel is right to do and your marriage will survive until dealth come to one or the other.The Bible say a man that finds a wife finds a good thing,@what God has join together let no man put a slunder, you to are blessed, and meant for each other.keep loving your husband, you r his partner.

  9. To: Kandi and Todd, a marriage is when two people are in love with each other but unfortunately nowadays marriage can be a a lust thing and people decide to get married when that happens the people are not really equally yo but they choose to go on how they really truly feel about each other and commit to that relationship and get married.
    No one and I mean no one have the right to say how people feel about a person and how they want to commit to that person but the person that’s committing to each other it’s sad when people spread rumors or they don’t want to see the two people together and they try to break them up through things and spreading rumors and lies.
    If Todd and Kandi are getting a divorce or splitting that’s their business that’s their life that’s their family business and everybody else need to stay out of it I say that to you because some people can drown out all the noise around them when they’re in a marriage and some people need help while they in a marriage they keep the marriage going but either way the marriage will take a toll because you have to drown out all that noise around you even from family and friends nobody have the right to tell the marriage couple what to do and how to do it when two people become equally yoked they s*** everything the ups and downs the highs and lows and in between that’s their business they have to figure that out because when you get married you are fulfilling God’s desire for man and woman and when we fulfill God’s desire to be married we have to keep that marriage forever but unfortunately with these commercial and microwave marriages people figure they can get in and get out get what they want if they don’t get what they want they want out if they get what they want they stay in or they go back and forth with each other because of the expectations of what they thought they was going to receive or what they thought they had to give out is not being mad a relationship is a commitment just as well as a marriage but a marriage is a commitment for life but unfortunately with these marriages these days people don’t care if you ain’t fitting that bill then you willing to stay they out I send my blessings to Todd and Kandi because it been a lot of rumors and a lot of spectating talking around the marriage but they went on ahead and got married so I think they know what they doing a lot of people may not want them to be married and stay married but is not up to them it’s up to Todd and Kandi and I hope they stay together because nobody wants to start all over let’s get the situation under control and keep people out your business marriages is going to have their ups and downs and everybody going to always think they nose in it but it’s the two people that tied the knot and said I do no marriage is perfect but it can get better with time love patience airing out the laundry between each other accepting what the finances is all accepting holy Mary cuz we can’t change people we only can change diapers and when someone comes into a relationship and they are broken we have to deal with that relationship but unfortunately we went out because we want the person fully made and perfect but no one is perfect everybody has a flaws and far too many people especially black people we are not married we are already made families we are single mother single fathers and we need to keep these black marriages going and keep them strong like an old days when the man and woman said I do they stay together for life to death do them apart a marriage is not easy you have to put your oil in it and each other have to accept what they receive so let’s wish the couple well and pray for them to work out whatever it is that’s causing the rumors to be spread or people putting it on social media or people overheard the conversation that conversation is between those two when they want us to know that they are getting a divorce or splitting I’m pretty sure they will let us know you’re 10 years in your might as well keep on going my blessings to the both of y’all

      1. I was saying the same thing! Except she was repeating over and over! I agree Their is their business. But,When you say you enjoy sex with woman and you do dungeon activities! You don’t sound happy in your marriage and Todd say you just nasty because woman you have sex with don’t count! Kandi leave a lot to be desired. Please don’t quote the Bible when you don’t know scripture!!! Blessings ❤️!!!

  10. Why is it a problem if Todd rest his ring finger, she leave her ring OFF but he can’t.
    There is a problem, that’s not equally yoked.. that’s insecure.✌️

  11. Miserable people they probably don’t have no one and wants everyone else to be Miserable like them. So Kandi and Todd let them talk it means they Wish they were where you are in life.
    When you don’t move like everyone else it bothers people.
    Be happy and agree and disagree all you and Todd want too. Love you guys and the RHOA will not be the same.

  12. Todd wearing his ring won’t stop anything. Just like Kandi not wearing hers will encourage anything. Rings are just an outward symbol as where trust comes from within. So insisting he wear his ring and she doesn’t just means she doesn’t trust him.

  13. All I can say is. Kandi, knows her boundaries with that “Leo Man”. Todd Tucker. Is his own man, regardless of what Kandi, is saying about a ring. Whats good for the gather, is good for the goose too. If and when, these two decide enough is enough. Be sure, it will be told everywhere. If Miss Joyce, couldn’t break them up. That’s says alot about Todd being married to the love of his life at this time. Nothing is Forever! Everything is just Temporary.

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