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Whoopi Goldberg exits ‘The View’ amid a chat

The star has been known to walk off the set
Whoopi Goldberg (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Whoopi Goldberg walked off “The View” amid a chat about foot fetishes.

The EGOT-winning actor temporarily left the set of the ABC talk show when her co-hosts started to discuss an advice column in which an anonymous person said his wife stopped allowing him to give her foot massages after he told her he had a fetish.

“You have to entertain your partner’s kink, within reason,” Goldberg’s co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin said.

It prompted the Ghost star to say, “Excuse me for a second,” before she left the stage and said, “Keep talking!”

“Whoopi has left the building.” Griffin then joked.

When panelist Joy Behar asked The Color Purple star when she returned why she had briefly walked away, the actor did not give a straight answer but appeared to hand something to someone off-camera.

“I was so enamored by what you were saying that I felt that I needed to take a breath so I could just get myself together, so I could come back to the table! So, I just got up and walked away and just got myself together!” Goldberg then joked.

“This is what my feet do to people,” the Corrina, Corrina star said.

“This is what this conversation does to people. It makes them get up and move,” Behar responded.

“I don’t care ’cause my feet are huge, and no one wants to touch them!” Goldberg concluded.

The Long Walk Home star is no stranger to leaving the table during “The View” when topics come up that have no interest for her.

Last year, she removed herself from the stage over a heated debate regarding Miranda Lambert’s decision to stop a concert and yell at fans who were taking selfies. During the July 2023 episode, Goldberg seemed annoyed when she brought up the topic to her co-hosts, even rolling her eyes and letting out a sigh while giving background on the story.

The TV host took Lambert’s side, saying fans should’ve shown “at least a little respect” during the country singer’s show.

When her co-host Sunny Hostin said she should be able to take as many selfies as she wants after paying nearly $800 for tickets, Goldberg appeared aggravated, stood up from her seat and made her way into the audience, saying: “I’m leaving, y’all!” She proceeded to take selfies with audience members to prove her point before the show went to an ad break.

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  1. Why are you trying to start something? I saw this episode and she literally walked 15 feet away to hand someone in the audience something. Signing something for someone perhaps. This article is deliberately misleading and trying to stir up controversy. You suck.

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