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Atlanta student Macire Aribot details what it takes to get an internship in DC

If you could introduce a bill in Congress,  what would it be and why?

Through my coursework in poverty alleviation, I have learned that one of the most
significant contributions to the national poverty rate is the lack of wage increase. It has
resulted in the increasing inequality between the working class and the top 1 percent. If I were to introduce a bill in Congress, it would raise the federal minimum wage to $15 and urge Congress to adopt an automatic annual minimum wage adjustment system.

What did President Barack Obama represent to you and your vision of yourself?

President Obama, to me, represents a sense of hope, possibility and pride. As the first
African American president, he has inspired communities around the world and continues to do so even after his presidency. President Obama’s achievements have motivated me to believe that anything is possible.

Why is voting important to the Black community?

Voting is important to the Black community because it enables us to have a say in who
represents our community and in the types of changes and initiatives that will be put in place.

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