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Chicago rapper Stark explains the city’s underground music scene

Name five rappers who inspire you today?

Drake, because of his ability to cross over. Kanye, to me, is the most influential artist of my time. I like Big Sean’s style I think he’s really underrated. To cap off my top five I would say J. Cole and Frank Ocean.

How does it feel to be Soul Sessions’ Artist of the Month? 

I’m super honored and humbled to Soul Sessions’ Artist of the Month.

What can your fans expect from you next?

I have a couple of different EP’s that I’m trying to piece together. One is supposed to be an R&B compilation project where I take some of my favorite songs from over the last decade and remix them. The other will be a mixtape like how Lil Wayne and Gucci would take the hottest beats and flip them. Other than that, I’m just trying to line up as many performances for a year and just keep sharpening the saw. I want to dig more into R&B.

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