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Abidemi Balogun’s dream to be a nurse comes true in ResU nursing program

Photo courtesy of Isaiah Heath

Abidemi Balogun followed her dream to become a nurse. Her aspiration was to “help reduce health disparities in impoverished communities.” In the pursuit of reaching her goals, Balogun began the nursing journey at Resurrection University in Chicago. While attending, Balogun was in the accelerated nursing program as well as in the esteemed Interprofessional Scholar Program. The program prepares students to enter a healthcare industry increasingly focused on interdisciplinary teamwork and communication.

The aspiring caregiver graduated in December 2019, and currently works as a nursing assistant at Rush University Medical Center.

What inspired you to show up to nursing school every day?
The lives and the patients that I [would] serve is what inspired me to show up to nursing school. Nursing is one of the hardest undergraduate degrees, and if there is no passion for it, it will be extremely difficult to keep going.

What is the best and worst thing about nursing school?
The best thing is the bonds your form with your study group and the free food that is provided during the semester. The worse thing is waking up extremely early to get to clinical no matter if it rains, snows or shines.

How important is it for a nurse to create “small talk” with patients?
It is extremely important to create small talk with patients because this is where rapport is built. Nursing is the most trusted profession and I think it’s because of the inter-personal relationship that is formed between the nurse and patient during these small talks. When the patients trust the nurse, it makes their healing process smoother and the nurse’s job easier in my opinion.

Finish these sentences:
I am committed to providing … excellent care that is equal across gender, race, sexuality, and religion.
I work to make a difference … by ensuring that I am aware of my personal bias.
Annual checkups and visits … are the best ways to prevent or delay the progressing of an underlying disease process.

What has attributed to today’s nursing shortage?
I think there has been a substantial shortage due to the fact a lot of seasoned nurses are retiring and there is a limited supply of new nurses. In addition, nursing is a meticulous and gruesome field and it’s not for everyone.

What courses should a high school student consider if interested in a nursing career?
I would recommend that they take anatomy and physiology very seriously. I had a solid background in anatomy and physiology, and this helped me tremendously in nursing school, especially in pathophysiology.

Name three reasons why it’s cool to consider nursing?

  1. Nursing is multifaceted. There are so many things that one can do with their degree.
  2. You are able to make a direct impact on people’s lives.
  3. Nursing is a trusted and respected profession.

About Abidemi Balogun
What’s the coolest thing about you? I make and dye wigs.
Favorite Restaurant: Yummy Thai (Chicago, IL)
Favorite Non-Work Hobby: Writing fictional stories