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Ja’Net DuBois’ family members share their fondest memories of the late actress


Photo: via Fard Abdur-Rahman

Taleah Gupta (granddaughter):

“She loved the arts, and she was really enthusiastic about bringing that part out of us. She loved to cook and had this curry recipe that she would always make for us. … It’s important to stay close to your family. Don’t hold off because you never know when the last day will be when you won’t get to say goodbye.”

Angelica Amaya (granddaughter)

“It makes me feel so proud to be her granddaughter. I’m blessed beyond words to have experienced her by seeing her, watching her and listening to her and to have known her.”

Provat Gupta Jr. (grandson)

“She was just a wonderful person to be around, and I’m just going to miss her presence. … I think we should keep our loved ones close and make time for people in your life.”

Vickie Abdur-Rahman (granddaughter):

“When I think about Jami, which is Jamaican for grandmother, she always had this woman’s movement before it even started. The way Malcolm X was progressive, she was progressive. She really embodied feminism at its best. And I think that’s why my daughter, who is a millennial, really took to her as a person. She really walked that walk as a woman.”

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