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Amber Rose getting pummeled for caption on Mariah Carey photo

Amber Rose (Photo: [email protected])

Many fans have come to regret that stripper-turned-socialite Amber Rose was plucked from obscurity by rappers Kanye West and then Wiz Khalifa, and wish she would quickly return to anonymity.

The Philadelphia-born Rose, 36, further cemented her persona non grata status with many Blacks after bragging again on her “light-skinned” status. Furthermore, she phrased her caption with Mariah Carey in a way to insinuate superiority over her mahogany-hued brothers and sisters.

Some fans have grown weary and irritated with Rose, whose real name is Amber Levonchuck, for repeatedly raising the colorism issue and behaving as if her light skin is a personal and career achievement.

Fans have admonished her in the past for being so singularly focused on her light-skin and the privilege that it seemingly has brought her. But she continues harping on that issue to the disdain of Black Americans. They voiced their displeasure with the stunning goddess on Twitter.

Here is a sampling.