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‘LHHATL’ star Momma Dee pens nasty obituary for Bambi’s mother (photo)

'LHHATL' star Momma Dee pens nasty obituary for Bambi's mother (photo)
Momma Dee (Image credit: Instagram – @tharealmommadee)

“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Momma Dee ratcheted up the tension several notches in her prolonged beef with Bambi’s mother, CeCe, when she put her in an obituary — even though CeCe is alive and well.

Scrappy, the son of Momma Dee, and Bambi, the daughter of CeCe, tried to help their mothers squash their beef, but it proved to be a certifiable disaster. Momma Dee came to the meeting armed for verbal warfare. She was dressed in black and had an obituary of CeCe, replete with photos and a program.

While Momma Dee and CeCe sat around the dining room table with Scrappy and his wife Bambi, the two grandmothers almost immediately began ripping into each other.

CeCe said Momma Dee stole from her.

“You were stealing pills out of my room, remember?”

Momma Dee retorted with this menacing message for CeCe.

“The day of reckoning has approached,” she said, after whipping out an obituary with CeCe’s name and photo.

Momma Dee then shouted: “I want that spirit to die out of you.”

Check out the clip below:

Even Momma Dee’s son Scrappy bolted out of his chair and said disgustedly, “Now you’ve gone too far.”

During the “LHHATL” confessional, Bambi conveyed her disbelief that Momma Dee could be so malicious to her mother CeCe, especially after CeCe recently had cancer.

“I can’t believe Momma Dee’s mind went so evil, creating an obituary for my mom who just had a cancer situation,” she said on the VH1 show. “That’s so disgusting, and at this point, I’m not even worried about salvaging their relationship. I’m more worried about where me and Momma Dee are gonna go from here.”

Momma Dee, meanwhile, did not show an ounce of remorse as she posted the photos of the obituary for her nearly 1 million Instagram friends.

Flip the page to see Momma Dee’s shocking posts:

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