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Hundreds line up for Air Jordan sneakers while not practicing social distancing

(Image source: Moma Okgo via Shutterstock)

The release of Air Jordan sneakers has always had the feel of an event. Once new versions of Michael Jordan’s signature shoe are released, sneakerheads often sleep outside or line up for hours with the hopes of buying a new pair.

On May 2, the Jordan 5 “Fire Red” sneaker, which retails for $200, was released online and at shoe retail shops across the country. With Georgia being one of the first states to reopen during the pandemic, Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta was open to the public. As a result, hundreds of sneaker lovers lined up outside of the mall for a chance to purchase the new sneakers at Jimmy Jazz.

(Image source: Instagram – @cydneyrax)


Although the reopening of businesses was supposed to enforce social distancing guidelines, the sneaker enthusiasts at Greenbriar Mall were crowded in line without standing six-feet apart. Moreover, many of those who were in line did not protect themselves and others by wearing facemasks.

At the same mall, free drive-thru COVID-19 tests were being administered by Augusta University and the Georgia Nationa Gaurd. However, the testing line did not mirror the line for sneakers.

Georgia continues to be affected by the novel virus. At press time, there are 28,338 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 1,174 deaths, according to the Center for Disease Control. Blacks reportedly make up 83 percent of the hospitalizations of COVID-19 in Georgia.